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Explore Home Decor Styles
Home decor styles can be categorized into various themes to help define and choose preferences based on taste, surroundings, and designs. Choose from a range of home decor styles to design a dream room.

Country Decor
Always a popular style, country decor provides a lot of room for creativity. Although country can be a wide-ranging style, country decor generally includes rustic or primitive furniture and home accessories featuring muted colors, milk-paint and distressed finishes, and vintage fabrics. Gingham, stripes, and checked patterns, as well as vintage florals, are commonly found in country decor. A trip to grandma’s attic, by way of eBay, can provide a treasure trove of home accessories such as candle holders, lamps, frames, and shelves made of hand-forged, wrought-iron, and distressed materials. Many country homes have a farm animal theme featuring roosters, horses, and cows on fabrics, old signs, or on decorative plates, bowls, and other pottery.

French Country Decor
Though similar to country, French Country has a style all its own. The French Country color palette includes deep reds, vibrant yellows, greens, terracotta, and blues. Toile, small-print fabrics, and vintage lace commonly adorn French country-inspired homes. Painted furniture and accessories in distressed finishes, wrought-iron plate racks, and plant stands are also key parts of this decor.

Southwestern Decor
The Southwestern style, characterized by earth tones such as cactus green, adobe red, and desert-toned neutral hues, can also include shots of bright yellow, dusty orange, and turquoise. Look for fabric, leather, and suede-covered pillows and upholstery, as well as painted ceramic pieces indicative of 16th-century Mexico, wrought-iron accessories, and burnished metal accents. Woven tapestries are commonly used as wall art in Southwestern Decor.

Western Decor
Also known as rustic or cabin decor, the Western style uses earth tone colors, denim, and bandana-inspired fabrics, rough-hewn furnishings, and cowboy-themed items. Animal skin and leather upholstered pieces and accessories, as well as Native American fabrics are also sprinkled throughout this style. Other stand-out Western accessories include antler chandeliers and the use of hand-carved woods used to make everything from bowls to statues to candle holders.

Tropical Decor
Create the look and feel of the islands with tropical decor in colors inspired by the sand, sun, and water. A Balinese interior will have deeper, richer colors, while a home in the Caribbean may contain lighter, brighter hues. Fabrics with palm trees, hibiscus blooms, and abundant floral decor depict the tropical style as well. Tropical decor includes home accents, such as picture frames, baskets, mats, and rugs made of natural materials, including seagrass, rattan, and banana leaf. Tropical plants in wicker baskets or seashells showcased in shadowboxes can also infuse a room with island style.

Cottage Decor
Cottage decor uses botanical and beach colors such as light apricot, pale yellow, dusty pink, and shades of green. It may also have a Cape Cod influence with a palette of navy blues, whites, and reds. Look for iron, wicker, distressed wood, and whitewashed baskets, plant stands, picture frames, mirrors, and magazine racks. Also use wooden bowls to collect seashells, pine needles, and branches for a unique, natural tabletop decoration. Natural fiber rugs, such as jute or sisal, create a cottage feel.

Contemporary Decor
Contemporary or modern home decor includes a highly reflective color palette of white-based greens, teals, and blues, as well as bright reds and stark whites. More about form and artistic impression than function, the modern style adds touches of color through big-print artwork, vases, and sculptures in basic geometric shapes. Also, decorators can accent the room with vibrant graphic throw pillows, oversized round chrome or acrylic accessories, and rectangular, patterned, or shag rugs.

Traditional Decor
Traditional style homes create a warm, welcoming environment with peach and green tones. Balance colors with aubergine and tan and enhance colors with bronze accents and warm wood tones. Find fabrics with small prints and floral prints, damask fabric, and pillows adorned with trim, tassels, and fringe. Include key accessories such as gilt frames, still-life paintings, and prints as well as accents such as silver candlesticks and silk flowers to accent the area. When pairing accessories use symmetry. For example, position matching lamps on end tables placed on either side of a sofa.

Arts & Crafts/Mission Decor
The Arts & Crafts or Mission style of home decor focuses on craftsmanship in simple shapes, spare ornamentation, and strong lines. Colors defining this style include burnished brown and burnished gold. Accent colors include deep forest green, sapphire blue, and dusty rose. Metals, stained glass, painted tiles, and fabrics featuring simple floral motifs elaborate the look. Lamps featuring mica shades set in hammered copper or burnished brass with broad horizontal lines also represent arts and crafts design.

Asian Decor
Make a bold Asian decor statement with a Chinese-inspired interior accented with bright colors such as red. Accessories such as jewelry boxes, picture frames, and vases have dark wood tones with high-gloss or lacquered finishes. Large-scale tapestries, artwork representing Chinese culture, Chinese sculptures, and figurines can also adorn rooms. Japanese interiors use a softer color palette in shades of gray, brown, and green with accents in brighter hues, such as lavender and sea green. In Japanese homes you will find home decor elements such as water features, pottery, pillows with silk and embroidered fabrics, and rice paper screens.

Tuscan Decor
Tuscan style has a rustic, earthy color palette that includes burnt sienna, terracotta, and navy blue. Tiles and mosaics adorn everything from picture frames to trays. Woven fabrics, wrought-iron accessories such as candle sconces and lamps, and painted ceramic objects such as vases, bowls, and plates reinforce this style.

Tribal Decor
The increasingly popular tribal style uses dark earth tones, including deep reds, yellows, greens, and browns, to convey a worldly, well-traveled look. Look for worn, woven fabrics, and beaded elements adorning accessories such as pillows. Weathered wood bowls, painted and beaded masks, and other accessories featuring leather, fur, brass, clay, feathers, and horse hair can also help achieve a tribal look.

Discover Home Decor Techniques
Whether working with an existing room or new home, it can be daunting to know where to start when decorating a space. Through the following strategies, personal style and a little creativity, any space can be transformed into a new surrounding.

Pick a Signature Home Decor Piece

Luxurious Modern Home Decor

Luxurious Modern Home Decor

With summer on its way out and cooler weather fast arriving, you probably have had the thought of getting some new modern home decor for your house, condo or apartment. There are thousands of websites online from which you can shop, so it is important that you look for a few key features in them to make sure that you are going to have a really pleasant shopping experience.

Whether you are operating on a tight budget or you have unlimited financial capabilities, one of the best, fastest and easiest ways to incorporate modern home decor is to use some little accessories here and there. Adding little trinkets, wall hangings, rugs and shelf knick knacks will present aesthetic affects that rub off onto your home, and if you are going for a clean, simple look, you can achieve it by not using too many accessories, which is also going to spare your pocketbook a bit.

We all know with modern home decor that it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly to stay current with fashion trends that seem to change all the time. However if you know what to look for and where to look for it, you will find that it really is not that difficult to find the best items to complement your home perfectly without costing a fortune. It will take some important research though in order to find the best options and choices that are available to you, whether you are looking for small accessories for your mantle or large wall art for the main wall in your entryway.

First of all, there are several different types of modern home decor designs in home accessories that can really spice up any space in the house, so you will want to get a good idea of what your choices entail before you make any final decisions and purchases. Never rush to purchase something if you do not immediately have an idea of where it will go in your home! Keeping things interesting and trendy is important, and youll first need to decide if you will be trying to focus on a specific motif or theme or if you will just be collecting odds and ends and trying to blend them together.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a new modern country kitchen or you are dying to create the ultimate balanced contemporary living room, a good idea is to look through websites, magazines and publications to find ideas that you think will fit not only your house but also your personality too. And lets not forget the budget, which for most of us is what our main obstacle is. If you already have furniture that you love that you want to highlight, look for carpets and window treatments, wall art and just a few little modern accessories to place here and there. A lot of the distinctiveness of knick knacks that are in style these days are all about their shape and color and not so much in the details.